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Cedar and Great Basin sage smudge sticks, loose ceremonial white sage and lavender herb.

2-foot Artemesis (sagebrush) flower spikes, impressive and fragrant to hang as-is; or for special occasion smudgings, these sagebrush growth spikes were collected with permission asked of each plant. Whether as an accent in your room, sanctuary or altar or for ceremonial use, the smudge sticks on this page are collected by us during times of the year when the host plants are at their peak of growth and essential oil saturation; promptly hand-tied, hung and wrapped to preserve their potency.

We make the effort to mentally focus our energies upon asking permission of the host plant to snip some of its growth, and thank them collectively once we have finished. We only collect as much as an area can sustain without affecting any plant negatively and only as much as we are willing and able to bundle and tie right away. While I have listed these items with larger-order discounts, please be aware that this does not indicate an endless supply - our motivation isn't to strip the natural world of its wealth in order to enrich ourselves - we run out of stock very early! We also tie our smudges thinner and longer than typical ones; they tend to be easier to ignite this way.

Sages are collected on eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada range at about 6000' elevation; usually near the Crystal Peak area around Verdi. The area is abundant in quartz crystal and draws us annually to camp on the peak and collect crystal points for use in our creations.

The incense cedar is collected from trees on our property; mostly from limbs and tops that have been broken in winter storms.

Other herbs listed here are purchased in bulk from reputable suppliers, caringly wild-crafted, or raised in our garden, as noted. Indulge your senses with Fred Soll incense. We've enjoyed their 'resin-on-a-stick'- as well an alternative to igniting smudge sticks in a home setting ;-)

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Loose selected clusters of Great Basin sage with PayPal purchase link larger image of loose lavender, dried flower and PayPal purchase link hand-selected loose cedar leaf

Cece and I both feel nourished by the water and forest energy of our sanctuary home, and we embody that in our craft.
Please me with any questions.
Fred & Cece

We accept custom orders, but please be aware that gifts from the plant realm are available only seasonally; so there may be a substantial delay.
Each smudge stick or loose herb packet is individually priced with options to buy larger quantities, but our stock is quite limited; this keeps our product fresh and limits our impact on Earth. Clicking the "Add to Cart" button will transfer you to our PayPal payment page. Please email us via the link above if you wish to use a different payment option.
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